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October 12
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October 12, 322BC
August 16, 322BC
33 Decades BC
0 (death) "Demosthenes", Athenian statesman, recognized as the greatest of ancient Greek orators.
2,343,097 January 30, 1703 740,000 days The "revenge" of the "Forty-seven Ronin".
2,348,097 October 8, 1716 745,000 days "Tokugawa Yoshimune" sets up the "Oniwaban" group of ninjas.
2,403,097 May 10, 1867 800,000 days "Sakamoto Ryoma" establishes "Kaientai" or Ocean Support Fleet (Kochi).
2,403,618 October 12, 1868
187 decades
220 decades The "enthronement ceremony" of "Emperor Meiji" is held.
2,404,097 February 3, 1870 800,0000 days The "Japanese government" issues the "Proclamation of the Great Doctrine".
2,418,097 June 4, 1908
May 6, 1908 in the Japanese calendar
815,000 days (birth) "Angela Geli Raubal", "Adolf Hitler's" half-niece.
2,425,532 October 12, 1928 2250 years A torii is constructed at Heian Shrine in Kyoto. The torii is the biggest in Japan at that time.
2,428,097 October 21, 1935 825,000 days "Germany" formally ends its membership in the "League of Nations".
2,453,097 April 1, 2004 850,000 days "Tokyo Governor Ishihara" sets up the "ShinGinko Tokyo bank".

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