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February 18
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February 17, 660BC
February 10, 660BC in the Gregolian calendar
December 29, 661BC in the Japanese calendar
0 The first Emperor of Japan, "Emperor Jimmu" ascends the throne. The "foundation of Japan" (European time).
February 18, 660BC
February 11, 660BC in the Gregolian calendar
January 1, 661BC in the Japanese calendar
0 The first Emperor of Japan, "Emperor Jimmu" ascends the throne. The "foundation of Japan".
2,392,741 January 1, 1839 2,500 years (birth) Ouida, English-Italian author and activist.
2,393,146 February 10, 1840 2,500 years Queen Victoria marries her cousin, Prince Albert, at St. James Palace in London (British Empire).
2,429,670 February 10, 1940 Koki 2,600 years Pope Pius XII sends Emperor Hirohito a congratulatory telegram on Japan's foundation.
Tom and Jerry make their debut in the short film Puss Gets the Boot, under their original names of Jasper and Jinx.
2,429,671 February 11, 1940 Koki 2,600 years "Imperial Rescript on 2,600th Anniversary of Japan's Foundation" is issued.
2,430,037 February 11, 1941 Koki 2600 years The new Japanese ambassador to the US, "Nomura", arrives in "Washington". (Events leading to the "attack on Pearl Harbor")
2,430,038 February 12, 1941 Koki 2600 years (birth) "Sara Nazarbayeva", the "First Lady of Kazakhstan" and wife of "President Nursultan Nazarbayev".
2,430,407 February 16, 1942 Koki 2600 years (official birth) "Kim Jong-il", "North Korean leader".
"Memorial postage stamps commemorating the fall of Singapore" are issued.
2,444,240 January 1, 1980 Koki 2640 years
(660 years X 4)
(birth) "Elin Nordegren", Swedish model.
"Victoria" is made crown princess ("Sweden").

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